Terms and Conditions

Taking Commissions:

  • I will have a commissions queue up to a month in advance.
  • I reserve the right to share the finished piece unless you have paid for private work.
  • You may not sell or redistribute my work. You may not remove my signature or claim my work as your own.
  • You may upload, share, color, and edit as much as you please so long as the original picture is credited to me.
  • Previews of the first sketches are free, along with any revisions you request with the first preview.
  • After the piece is in progress, you can make TWO free changes. Then there will be a fee for each major change request after that.
  • My work is currently only available in digital format (JPEG files) and can be downloaded through Sta.sh.
  • My commissioned pieces will have a small, relatively unnoticeable signature and watermark. This can be made larger and more visible; you just have to ask.

Mature Content:

  • Mature content will be available after age verification filter is set up.


  • I take payment through Paypal Invoices in USD only.
  • Base prices will be listed here.  [https://trello.com/b/qhRiazvN/boliart-commissions]
  • There will be a required 50% deposit for all pieces over $20.
  • There to be no fees for cancellations and refunds requested within the first sketching stages of a piece.
  • There will be a fee if refund/cancellation is requested post-sketch. Fee amounts will be determined by how far the piece is from completion and the price of the piece.